Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Natural Classroom

I thought I'd post some photos of my classroom.

A few things to know:

1. The class was outside at recess which is why you see backpacks and water bottles.

2. It was the second day of school which is why nothing is hanging on the walls, yet. I believe that their work should cover the walls, not my pinterest or instagram - ness.

3. I believe in a 'natural classroom'. No rainbows. No bright colors. No shiny bright plastic bins. I believe in as much 'natural' as I can. Earthy colors, tans, simple. No posters. No signs.

I could do a whole post on why a too 'busy' looking classroom, a too decorated by the teacher classroom, a pinterest classroom is not what is best for children learning.

4. I believe that the children should have a 'say' in their classroom which is why it's a 'blank slate' (mostly) when they walk in. It is their 'home' too - not my showy showroom.

5. I believe in lots of less overhead florescent lighting, and more lamps with soft colored shades.

6. I believe in "Children First From Day 1" and I hope my classroom throughout the year reflects that.

7. Oh and my school was built in 1955 - so I do the best I can with my vintage room.

Looking from my desk area out toward the classroom.

6 feet apart desks for social distancing...

classroom 1

Work Work/Spelling will be an interactive area and those are white boards.

classroom 2

Mailboxes and soft lighting as they enter the classroom.

classroom 3

That "I Believe In You" will have a big 8x10 photo of them (waiting for them to arrive - I take a photo on the first day) and then I hang their writing on those clips throughout the year.

My classroom looks like a reading specialists room, there are so many books. This is a small bit of the 'classroom library' since there are no cozy carpets this year and not all of the books are out.

classroom 4

This whole wall are my multiple copies for teaching in small groups.

classroom 5

classroom 6

My Dad painted that moon 4 years ago for me...

classroom 7

classroom 8

Open the Magic is something I do every day in the classroom. A picture book a day used for various parts of teaching the curriculum.

Those white papers mounted on burlap will be filled with sticky notes as they answer questions throughout the week about books.

classroom 9

I can't wait to see their smiling faces up on this . -- their own personal bulletin boards!

classroom 10

More Classroom Library books in natural baskets

classroom 11

classroom 12

As they celebrate their birthdays throughout the year they will paint their portrait on these canvases.

classroom 13

And interactive math wall

classroom 14

Looking toward the hall - and no I don't teach cursive but I just can't bear to take it all down - it's so vintage!

classroom 15

A little area on my work table.

classroom 16

classroom 17

I've been wanting to take photos of my classroom  each year and never do - this is the year!

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