Wednesday, February 13, 2019

On Letting Go of Baby Clothes

This has been a long time coming - okay - so I'm 11 years behind on baby clothes.

I love children's clothing. It was my hobby (seriously) when they were little. Still is. Peter Pan collars on a holiday, sweet cardigan - that fills my heart with joy. I will always love classic, old-fashioned, beautiful clothes on my daughters. But really, I didn't need all of this. So one weekend in January this happened.

And I'll be honest. It was easy. Until the 8th hour in when I was ugly crying, sobbing in the middle of it all.

For the stages that I'll never have again.

For the little that I'd do anything to hold.

For life changes.

I had a good cry.

And then I cleaned it all up.

32 bins!!!!


Kept some, gave some, donated the rest... all 32 bins that were packed to the brim!


  1. Oh it's so hard getting rid of those sweet and adorable clothes knowing they will never wear them again. I loved being able to dress my girls how I wanted them to look especially on the holidays matching and oh so tiny. I saved my very favorites as well and the extra cute dresses that I don't save get handed down to my nieces so I can see them wearing them and remember my sweet girls in them at one time.

  2. It's so hard to go through their many memories with each outfit. When we moved I went through everything and kept special outfits. I also kept some favorite ones that I hope to turn into blankets of each of them one day.