Tuesday, February 12, 2019

On Choosing a New Viola

Anna started taking Suzuki viola lessons when she was 5 - Scott and I figure it'll be our college plan - meaning that when she goes to college we can use the money we pay each year for her lessons and orchestras and use that to pay the bills for college... ha!

A few years ago we decided it was time for Anna to stop renting a viola and to buy her one. It was a process that took a lot of time and it was a learning curve for us - her wonderful (since she was 5 teacher) walked us through every step of the way. (here is that post back here)

And her "new viola" suited her a long time. A really long time.

But lately, playing at her level, she's 'out grown' it, so to speak. It was time for a new one.

Having 'walked through' the process already we knew that it would take several violas to find 'the one'. So on Christmas morning, Anna found 2 violas under the Christmas tree.

Almost 2 months later we were still trying violas and searching.

I wish that at that I wasn't so behind back then on Christmas photos because I would have loved to have blogged the whole process but I don't have any pictures, really. Just a few.

But I want to remember.

She started with those 2 Christmas violas and 3 new bows.

She brought both to her lesson and worked with her teacher.

Neither were a sound fit for her.

But one of the bows was.

So then we sent one of the violas back and 2 of the bows back. They sent us 2 more violas.

Neither of those was the sound she was looking for.

So her teacher suggested she go up one size to open up more choices.

So 2 more violas were sent to our house to try.

And one of those was 'the one'.

Her teacher called it "the closest thing to a soul mate until she falls in love some day".

And so at the very very end of January she had chosen.

But she didn't like the case.

So her daddy drove to Boston on a Friday night to get her the case of her dreams.

And now the new viola and the new bow and the new case are all in our house... make beautiful music.

And that's the story of choosing a new viola!


Some day {soon} I'll photograph Anna with her new viola. She's a beauty and she's here to stay!

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