Friday, November 30, 2018

The Smell of Christmas

Yesterday, after school we went to our favorite place, Wades Farm, to get our Christmas tree. A live tree in our living room is one of the most wonderful parts of Christmas. There is really no way to capture the warmth it brings to our Christmas home, the smell, the homey feel.


But just as wonderful in our living room - getting our tree is such a wonderful tradition for our family.

Yesterday at recess {at my school} it started snowing. Just a little bit but it was so so pretty. I texted Scott as soon as we got back in the school.  Because picking out our tree is romantic enough - add some snow fluttering down - well, it's magical. Purely magical.


I knew that if we went on Saturday morning, the photos would be filled with bright, pretty light. I knew I'd love the frost all over the ground and the really cold, crisp air. But I also new that a 4:45 am morning person would have a hard time getting a teenager to leave the warm house to be in the freezing cold at 9 am. So we opted for a darker {but snowy} Friday late afternoon.


And we found our tree.


And we loved the farm store with a crackling fire - as we always do.


And we did it again - made a Christmas memory.


One that smells the way I hope Heaven does.




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