Monday, December 9, 2013

Saturday Morning

We have a huge tree in our living room.  And she's a beauty!

Although the forecast called for a bit of snow Saturday morning we simply got the frigid temperatures.  But it's gotta be cold when you get your tree!

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This year Abigail was priceless.  She would run up to a tree (any tree.. they were all beautiful and worthy of our living room to her)  and she would sniff it and say, "this one's it!!!  It's perfect."


And this went on and on the whole time!

Daddy really is the one who does the tree selection.  The girls just run through the trees and have mini adventures with whatever doll or stuffed animal they grabbed on their way out of the house.


Girls, that one sure is pretty but I don't think it will fit in our living room!

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A doll holds the spot... we think this is the one!

And while Daddy helps to tie it to the roof the girls and I go in to warm up by the fire and have a bit of hot cider.


I love the look and feel of this country store!



Abigail wrote her "rough draft" letter to Santa.


And we had ourselves a magical Christmas Tree morning.

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I love all of my little fake trees around the house because they are always just the right size for just the right part of that room.  And I can leave them up from Thanksgiving day until New Years and they're always green!  But it's just not Christmas until this is in my living room!

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We've got a looooong way to go until she's ready but just take a wiff.. can you smell her?  Oh yeah, it's Christmas!

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  1. Hello there beautiful tree!
    You have found a wonderful home. : )