Monday, November 26, 2018

Abigail's Chorus Concert


This was a beautiful concert Abigail sang in. She auditioned for this chorus back in September. We were both beaming proud of her to trying out. (I talked more about her audition back in this post) (and this post)

And this was their first event. It oozed with Christmas and it took place at the beautiful seminary.


Their sixth grade group joined the high school chorus.

Here are the high schoolers.



I adored this song


These sixth graders sang like angels under the direction of their very enthusiastic director.


I love this twinkle in her eyes as she exited the risers.


I love these two so much and were thrilled for her. & and my gosh they look so alike in this photo!


Me and my baby, now a middle school girl.


Years ago I did a photo session for our Christmas card at this seminary - so I wanted to take a few outside.


This little girl brings us so very much joy. She is a gift from Heaven for sure and I know that God will use her {He already does} to do wonderful things for people. I have never met any child that cares more deeply for others in pain - both emotionally and physically.

If I'm going to blog I'm going to not only document our lives to not forget the precious moments but to bring glory to God. And one way is to tell the world what I see Him doing in our tiny little corner of the world - through our children - and through this little girl He is moving. So I won't keep quiet. She is in daily pain. Imagine that for just a moment - daily pain. It hurts so bad sometimes that she cries out, curls up, and is so so sad. (for her whole life) Not many people see her like this. When she is with others she is distracted - and that is a good thing. But through all of this pain, life goes on. And she won't let pain win. So she goes to school - is described by her teachers as a shining star, filled with happiness and enthusiasm. She dances and is in extra chorus and orchestra. Because she knows her one life can not be controlled by pain. She pushes it away and thrives in her life. She is one remarkable little girl. And I get to be her mama!



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