Thursday, September 27, 2018

Worry Time... Mindfulness from an Eleven Year Old

Well hello there! I am so behind on things I want to capture. I had a second and decided to clean up the photos and videos on my phone. There is so much in a just before the first day classroom tour, little snippets of Anna playing the viola, and then there's this!

Abigail had started middle school and this was back in very early September. Scott had taken her to her Dr. Jerson appointment (back here) and she came home so so so happy about all that she learned. I wanted to capture her joy... and I did! She learned about 'worry time' and I think it's brilliant!

I'll let her explain:

God is so so good - bringing people into our lives when when we need it. Dealing with EoE for all these years and we 'just found' this doctor to help her manage her daily pain. I can say that it was just the right time. You can tell she is so ready to receive all that is given to her. And all I can say is "His strength is perfect."

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