Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Our Home ~ August

Here we are in September and my house has changed so much since I took these right before the trip. But I have to put them here anyway so that I can remember for next year. I sure wish I could remember year to year.

house 1

house 2

house 3

house 4

house 5

house 6

house 7

house 7

house 8

house 9

house 10

house 11

house 12

house 13


  1. I get so happy whenever I get to take a peek into your home! I love the felt garlands you always have!! Are they from Etsy or a local shop near your home? Please share if they are found online :)

  2. I'm with Shannon! I love the little green and blue and yellow teapot. Do tell us about it. : )

  3. Oh you know how I feel about all the cute garland you have around your bome. Sure wish we were sitting around your table visiting. Miss you friend!