Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The First Day

I am always overly ready for the first day of school in my classroom but boy oh boy it is something crazy in our own house. Since Scott and I are both in education it makes it 4 times more the nerves. 4 times more the energy. 4 times more the excitement. All of us. The first day of school. Together.

So our routine has changed this year now that Scott is principal in a new school. He needs to go earlier. And that has changed around our driving. So here's what we do this year:

4:50 me up
6:10 anna up
6:40 scott leaves
6:50 abigail up
7:07 i drive anna about a mile to her high school and then drive home
7:39 i drop off abigail at her school which is next door to our house but I'm already leaving then anyway
7:50 arrive at my school
8:30 start teaching

It's like clockwork and down to the minute over here. A few minutes off and it's not pretty. So we stick with that schedule and it all works.

And here we are on the first day of school for all of us.

Not wanting to wake her up because the second she opens her eyes summer is over.

first day 1

Notes from daddy are a tradition.

first day 2

first day 3

My sweet sophomore.

first day 4

first day 5

first day 6

My middle schooler. I can read so much in her eyes there. It was such a pretty morning. The sun the way it hit the trees. I am always grateful for no rain on the first day.

first day 7

A really blurry picture of me that Abigail wanted to take.

first day 8

A Lily Pulitzer dress and heals. I'm not sure why I wear heals on the first day because there is no sitting in teaching. But I just don't feel right without heals on day one.

first day 9

I am so so grateful that I got to walk Abigail up this path toward her school just like I did for Anna.

(2014 Anna in the same spot)

16 collage


It was a squeeze of time and I made it only 5 minutes before I needed to meet my class. But I made it!

first day 10

first day 11

first day 12

I did not get a photo of Scott on his first day but I had to take one the weekend before for his website so at least I have this.

scott for website


  1. Great pictures, wishing everyone a great school year!!


  2. Best wishes on the new school year for all of you!