Monday, September 3, 2018

Cruise to Canada ~ REALLY the end

I love when I find a gem on on phone or Scott's. I usually don't take pictures on my phone. I like the big camera and the control I have over the pictures I take. But those little moments are gems too. And I just can't leave them out of the posts.

Holding a lobster.

phone 1

Bar Harbor.

phone 9


phone 2

Cozy cabin

phone 3

A huge viola on Cape Bretton

phone 11

The ship

phone 4

Evenings on the deck

phone 12

Shows at night

phone 13

Prince Edward Island

phone 14

Thanking God for good good people and for this chief that cooked safe food for Abigail round the clock.

phone 15


phone 5

Us together

phone 16


phone 10


phone 6

phone 7

Back together.

phone 8

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