Monday, December 18, 2017

~We Saw Santa~

We've been going here for years and years.  Because it's tradition it is so very special to us.

And this year it was even more magical because there not only was snow on the ground but it was snowing too.

Snow at Christmas, especially on these special days is just too wonderful for words.

It's such a pretty drive. I watch this as the girls watch a Christmas movie together in the back.

kringle a

When we're close we go over a bridge, turn a corner and this is what you see... pure New England, Christmas goodness.

kringle 26

That, right there is the restaurant we had lunch in. A fireplace in every room.

kringle 27

So we started with lunch.

kringle 3

kringle 4

Hot chocolate for her and a small pot of tea for me.

kringle 5

It was oh so cold outside. So we ran quickly from The Farm Table to the Country Barn... to see Santa!

kringle 6

kringle 7

I've talked about Santa before. Especially here. He is Santa.

kringle 8

He loved her dress.

kringle 9

Abigail hopped right up and I counted my lucky stars that I still have a 'little one' who will climb right up on Santa's lap.

kringle 10

kringle 11

There was no one around and he spent a good 15 minutes talking with her about the true meaning of Christmas. Love. I smile so much listening that my face is sore.

Oh how I love this one.

kringle 12

kringle 13

Still little feet.

kringle 14

And little waist.

kringle 15

She listens as Santa talks.

kringle 16

And after, I feel so lit inside. Because I love love love Santa. And all he stands for. And who he's been in my life.

kringle 17

There is shopping. And fudge for this girl on the way out.

kringle 18

We went to the chocolate shoppe and stopped at their outdoor Cafe for hot chocolate and cookies for the car ride home.

kringle 19

kringle 20

And just when the snow was starting to come down really hard we got in our car and said goodbye for another year.

kringle 23

kringle 21

Big ol flakes comin down.

kringle 24

kringle 22

Now for sure, it feels like Christmas.

kringle 25

2016 is back here

2015 is back here

2014 is back here

2013 is back here

2012 is back here

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  1. Such BEAUTIFUL pictures! I agree, that looks like the REAL Santa!