Sunday, June 5, 2011


Abigail loves so many things in her little life and one of those is the "Merry Go Round".  I've never seen a child so lit up and excited about one.  So we decided to have her party at the beautiful Carousel in Bushnell Park.  She was more than adorable; she was enchanting.  Oh how I loved her 4th birthday party. 

Sisters and best friends waiting to go into the carousel that morning

This is typical Abigail, posing for the camera

Abigail and her handsome daddy

Abigail adores her cousin Ian.  He was sitting next to her and she was like this the whole ride.

Here's Abigail with Ian later in the day... one of my favorite pictures ever!

This birthday party was a momfotographers dream!  Abigail (and Anna) love the camera anyway but this party I literally never took my fingers off the camera.  More to Come...

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  1. Oh a girl and her carousel...could it be any cuter?? Can't wait to see more!!
    Have a happy night