Thursday, November 7, 2019

Autumn In Vermont {part 3}

The next morning we woke up and headed to a place I've wanted to photograph forever. It's been in magazines, online, and in books for years as an icon to photograph. (here's a bit of the history) Not just in the fall - but year round! It was a photography dream come true for me.

I wasn't exactly sure if this little side trip would fit (since Anna and Abigail were with us) but it was really close to Woodstock - perfect!

Just the drive to Sleepy Hallow Farm was magical enough for my camera to be happy for years!


vermont sleep hallow 1



Yes, happy taking pictures on this road all fall.

I adore the fall in New England

vermont sleep hallow 1

And then we took a right - and there it was! I couldn't believe it - I'd seen it countless times in magazines for years - I was driving right up to it! Amazing!

vermont sleep hallow 4

What I had never seen was the trees that lined the street. Who knew they were just as spectacular as the farm that everyone comes to photograph.

vermont sleep hallow 5

I got out of my car - practically still moving - and set myself up - smiling ear to ear I took photograph after photograph.

vermont sleep hallow 6

I couldn't believe how it was the most perfect morning. The smoke coming from the chimney, the mist on the mountains behind...

vermont sleep hallow 7

... the fall leaves clining to the last of the season in just the right place to frame my photos.

vermont sleep hallow 8

vermont sleep hallow 9

vermont sleep hallow 10

I tried so many different settings and as beautiful as these are - they just don't capture the beauty that I saw with my eyes. But I sure tried!

vermont sleep hallow 11

One of my favorites.

vermont sleep hallow 12

vermont sleep hallow 13

vermont sleep hallow 14

vermont sleep hallow 15

I stayed quite a while as photographers left one by one - they were lined up this street - this breathtaking street -

vermont sleep hallow 16

Everything I always studied in the magazine pictures was right in front of me - that winding road that leads to the farm - the crunch of leaves that had just fallen - all right there!

vermont sleep hallow 17

vermont sleep hallow 18

vermont sleep hallow 19

I clicked as if I'd never be back. I'm only 2 hours away but it just felt so magical to me.

vermont sleep hallow 20

vermont sleep hallow 21

vermont sleep hallow 22

And then we headed back down the road - and to breakfast. Still in awe and wanting to buy a home tucked away in Vermont - I had stars in my eyes.

One last Vermont post coming tomorrow --

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  1. Absolutely amazing. I cannot believe how beautiful your pictures are....right out of a magazine. You are so lucky to live so close to such beauty.