Thursday, March 7, 2019

Reading and This Week

Let's just pretend this week didn't happen - It's conference week at my school - 23 times 30 minutes each - yes, I'm spent.

So grateful for my husband for all he did this week - I couldn't have survived without him - He took over and still stayed up with Anna until really late helping this math - I had a hard time letting go for just this week (especially lunches - I was afraid to look at the lunches he put together, but the girls said he did pretty good)

So yes - tomorrow I am going to bed at like 8 PM to sleep this week off -

and then I'll get up and start planning and creating, and getting the next week ready because I blew that all off this week just to get through conferences.

Teaching is the best because kids are the best - families are the best - I adore what I do - But still, I can't wait to shut the door to room 124 tomorrow and call it a weekend!

And this one... loving the Penderwick series! - I have a "thing" for taking photos when they have a book in their hands.

reading 1

And since I just spent all that time with families I want to stand on my soap box for just a minute - get the screens out of your kids hands - lock them up for the weekend - don't ever let them play a video game - I can tell in 5 minutes after meeting a child who spends too much time on screens - video game addiction is real - playing, talking, reading, creating... that is the real work of childhood - and I cringe when kids are on screens too much - okay, I'm off my soapbox

reading 2

reading 3


  1. Oh I love this! Nothing better than walking through the house and finding my girls happily reading somewhere cozy.

  2. I agree! Its so upsetting to see how much time some kids even some families spend on their phones. I often look around at restaurants and its so sad how many families are looking at their phones and not talking to one another.
    I hope you have some time to relax this weekend. You deserve it after your busy week.