Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finally Outside

How nice it is to be outside and feel the warm sunshine.  Still cold enough for a hat but I still love it!  Look what Abigail can do!  Last summer and fall I tried to get her to pedal a tricycle and she just couldn't.  I'd have to push her along and she had no idea how to steer.  I guess all she needed was to grow a wee bit more and now she can do it, mostly! 

Yes, I know she's not wearing a helmet.  She's really going way too slow for one! 

Our daffodil's are starting to bloom... ahh!

Pure cuteness.  Kids always look so adorable even after having a hat on all morning!

Although I usually don't let myself "go there" I started thinking about next spring and then just one more after that.  Next year she'll have preschool 3 mornings a week and then Kindergarten.  I get a a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  How I would stop the clock if I could.  My girls little and me JUST being mommy and wife. 


  1. I know, they grow up so fast don't they! I had a freak out moment when I stocked up on sale jeans at the Gap for next year...size 10!!!!!!!! how in the world did that happen?
    What a little beauty your bike rider is. And you're right, they never get hat head.:)
    Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday.
    Missed you and glad you are back.
    Have a happy day

  2. I need to get Griffy one of those trikes! Great photos Tara!