Friday, April 15, 2011

Anna was beaming at her school Japan Night

A night to celebrate all that the second graders had learned about Japan.  I was thrilled for Anna who was so comfortable and was beaming. 

This was the first time that Anna loved her special night.  All other times she clung to me and didn't speak to friends.  It used to be so desperately hard for her to be in an extra crowded classroom with siblings and parents.  She used to hate that there was little structure to those parent nights and with the safety of her school day routine gone she used to just want to get out fast. 

Not last night.  I watched her interact, show her work, chat with friends, and even have me out of her view for a few minutes.  I was so happy she felt safe!

Sharing her Japan work with Grandma, Grandpa and Abigail

Rice Crispy Sushi

Playing a Japanese math game with her Grandpa

I know there are so many of these but I just can't get enough of Anna happy and relaxed.

Abigail loves being with her Grandpa

With her Second grade teacher

What a special night!

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