Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anna's school art show and Abigail's preschol visit morning

We've been so busy around here.  All good.  Spring sure is busy.  There seems to be a special event every day.  I find myself having to get super organized (on top of already being organized) at night.  Last night was Anna's school art show.  I have the portrait lens on, oops!

This morning I had such a fun morning with Abigail at her school.  It's the Week of the Young Child.  The teachers had different craft stations set up. 

 We decorated a tree branch for Easter. 

We painted coffee filters in beautiful colors which turned out to be flowers.

Planted sunflower seeds and grass haircut men.

Fun finger printing

And the most fun of all, I painted her hands for a handprint butterfly and then she loved painting mine.  So cool!

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  1. Great pictures! Some really fun crafts too, love week of the young child. I remember doing this with the children I taught too. Have a great weekend!