Friday, November 19, 2010

Three! (and a half)

In our house we celebrate "half birthdays".  It's such a long wait for a little person to your next yearly birthday so we've always celebrate the girls half birthdays.  It's just a cake and a song but it's enough for them to feel special.

On Abigail's 3 1/2 birthday she had to...
go to preschool in the morning
head to the dentist with mommy right after
have a mini nap
pick up Anna at the bus stop
go to Anna's viola lesson and sit quietly and color for 30 minutes
go to Anna's ballet.  Usually Abigail and I get to hang out in the lobby and do crafts together but today was "watch day".  (again, quiet for 30 minutes) 

So by the time we got to the cake part of the day she was thrilled.  She loved the song, licked the frosting off the candles but didn't even take one bite... oh well, Anna ate her piece too!

At preschool

Mini nap

I think my cake is coming!

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