Monday, November 8, 2010

I'd rather be

One year ago we were here!  Today I woke up to snow, just a tad on the roof.  I get all excited like my 7 year old.  Makes me crave hot chocolate, Christmas jammies, all that yummy winter stuff.  But then again, I love this...


  1. Goodness...snow already!?! Yikes!
    Yeah, I think I'd take the Disney Cruise!!
    Enjoy the day and stay warm

  2. I can't wait til Christmas... Michael saw the snow yesterday and said "Lets go to Grand Cayman mommy!!!" He thought the snow meant it was time to go.. :)

  3. Oh my....Snow already? Thank goodness we have not had the first snowfall yet!

    Just popped over to answer your question from yesterday. I do not use flash for my photos. I was in my living room which gets a good amount of natural light, but I have to use a lens that will get pretty wide open to enable me to forgoe the flash. I almost always use my 50mm 1.4 I think I was shooting around 2.0 and my ISO was really cranked up. LOL....this is probably more than you wanted to know, but that is how I do it:)

    Tara, your girls are BEAUTIFUL......... this is my first visit to your blog:)

    Hope you have a wonderful week~



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