Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sometimes I forget, well maybe not just sometimes.  Days go by.  I'm mommy to Anna and Abigail.  Two girls who came into our lives in two very different ways.  I am so blessed to have done both but today I remembered.  I came across some music on a CD I made for myself and for friends when we were waiting for Anna.  Just listening brought me right back.  Back to almost 30, back to the ache, back to the thrill of what was to come, back to just Scott and I, back to the young teacher wanting so much to be where I am now, back to the dresses lined up in the closet, the castle painted on the wall, our hearts, our lives ready, ready for the miracle of adoption.  I am thankful for this little collection of songs I had put together.  I will listen today and remember who I was then and maybe, just maybe enjoy every. single. moment. with Anna today.  All of them...

"Here I am.  This is me.  I come to this world so wild and free.  Here I am.  So young and strong.  Right here in the place where I belong.  It's a new a new world.  It's a new start.  It's alive with the beating of a new heart.  It's a new day in a new land, and it's waiting for me.  Here I am..." 

Just days together... gosh she's beautiful...

1 comment:

  1. That was beautiful Tara!
    I hope you did enjoy every minute of today!


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