Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Late September Weekending

Friday night puzzling


tea sipping and watching and talking


candle lighting




Saturday morning saving (how she spotted this on the grass in front of our house from the dining room is beyond me - saw that rip in its wing and was panicked, wanted to help)


still in jammies concerning




and starting (so I kinda need to explain this photo. 1. that wall with the Santa painting? That is where Santa 'lives' when it's not November and December. In November and December it comes down and is up on the fireplace. But he's just too special to 'pack away' all of those other months, so that painting lives upstairs in the hallway. 2. See what I'm holding? Yes, I collect vintage linens - I like to pick them out myself  - won't let Scott or the girls pick any out for me and seasonal ones make my heart ring joy bells. Right now fallish vintage linens are up on top of my baking center and I was seeing what I have for what's next: why Christmas of course)


There was a whole lot of cozy this weekend!

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