Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Just This Week ~ and it's only wednesday

It's Wednesday at 9 am. There is no school because it's a Jewish holiday. That part is good. It's one of my favorite fall weather days. Cool, really cool and rainy. I love when I get to be home all day when it's rainy out.


that there's a huge garbage can in my family room. Because on Monday afternoon we came home to rain coming down through the ceiling. There was a drip or two a year ago and Scott patched the roof. But I guess it's not enough. Yes, the whole ceiling is ruined and we will be replacing the roof (if only we can get someone out to take a look at it and give us a quote). All I can think about are the holiday and how I want this done - like now.


On the same day...

I got a call from the school nurse that Abigail closed her fingers in her locker. Not broken, but bruised.

On the same day...

I finally couldn't ignore, "mama my toe really is starting to hurt". So I finally took a look and on my golly, I don't know anything about toes but that thing is infected. Off to Urgent Care we go. Antibiotics, draining it, on and on.


All the while...

my husband is running a 60 million dollar school renovation and running the school in a high performing district. Lots of night meetings and me "running the show" at night as we call it on nights when he's not home.

And still...

I am teaching 4th grade - teaching my heart out - writing my beginning of the year goals - oh the paperwork.

Even just now...

Scott walked in from the doctor trying to get blood work done for Abigail which was 'fasting blood work' which we didn't know needed to be done before 9am, and they were there right after 9am.

This week (and we're only 3 days in) is reminding me again that I need to trust God. And that having all of my circumstances all perfect - teaching in a sweet school, having Scott home right away each afternoon, having no health announces to have to handle... having all of those circumstances all perfect is unsustainable and impractical and not real.

But truly, the Word says (Proverbs 3:5-6) when I "lean on, trust in, and am confident in the Lord with all my heart and mind and do not rely on my own understanding. And when in all my ways I acknowledge Him, He will direct and make straight and plain my paths."

In every situation (like this week so far) and when I'm hurt, or tired, or anxious, or stressed-out, or scared, or upset - the greatest words I can say are "God, I trust you."

I am a believer and God has simply called me to trust and believe that He has my best in mind and that He is working for my good! When I believe it releases tremendous peace in my life. It is in the believing that joy and peace comes. (Romans 15:13) May the God of your hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing .

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