Thursday, October 25, 2018

Stepping Away

I've decided to take an blogging break for a while. Right now I don't know if it will be a week or a few - or longer.
Everything is okay with us. Scott and I are immeasurably blessed.
But Anna is going through some really tough health issues right now (nothing to worry about)
and Abigail is still learning to cope with daily pain from the GI disease she's carried since she was 22 months old.
This week we were at the doctor for Anna several times - she is very sensitive to any normal prescription medications and has had many bad reactions to them - we are helping her through.
This weekend (10-5) all day on Sunday we will be at the hospital for a children's pain management conference. For children living with chronic pain.
On the one hand I feel so happy with this little life and I want to blog pumpkins and leaves and all that good stuff - because we are doing all that good stuff.
But on the other hand I ache for my two precious daughters who are happy and whole and wonderful - but who are hurting right now.
So I need to step away.
For now.


  1. I'll be keeping you all in prayer!

  2. I will miss your blog. But will keep you in my prayers!!

  3. I will definitely miss your family updates and lovely home decor but I understand and send many prayers for you all and hope you will be back to blogging soon.

  4. Dear Tara, I have enjoyed reading your blog, and seeing all the lovely ways you decorate your house. I also share your love of April Cornell tablecloths! Take the time for your family, and yourself!

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