Sunday, April 29, 2012

Washington DC (part 4)

A Parade, The National Monument, Ice cream, and The White House... what a day!

We packed a lot into this day too but it didn't feel like it. This trip had a relaxed feeling that I just loved. Scott had to attend meetings in the morning so he planned that we'd go to the Cherry Blossom parade. It was a big one since this was the 100th Anniversary of the "gift of the trees". He surprised the girls and I with tickets to seats on bleachers. I think he felt better that we had a seat and I wouldn't have to fight crowds alone trying to get the girls to see. The plan was for him to meet us at the end of the parade.

I was nervous this morning since I had to do the metro alone (with a stop and transfer between). I was also getting off at a stop that we'd never been to before, had to find my way to the parade route (with the girls in tow), find the assigned bleachers, and find Will Call to pick up the tickets. I had never been so "on" and focused ever!

The metro was super crowded but we did it! The only problem was that when we got off the metro we headed in the opposite direction! After about 3 blocks I realized that we couldn't be headed in the right direction so we turned around. I picked up Abigail (no stroller since I just couldn't mange it that day) and ran with Anna back the 3 blocks where we started and then 3 more blocks to find WIll Call and our seats. Phew! Just in time for some Abigail drama (tear) and the parade to start!

parade 1

I was certainly grateful for the assigned seats. For Anna's sensory issues having an assigned seat works so much better for her rather than pushing crowds on the curb. And the parade was lovely. We sat for about 2 1/2 hours that felt like one! Scott was able to get to us by the end of the parade which was nice.

parade 2

collage parade 3,4

You know they loved these dresses!

parade 5

Oh how I loved the Marine Corps Band!

parade 6

We had a picnic lunch on the lawn of the National Monument, so much fun! It was a beautiful day for sure!

collage 2,3

monument 1

monument 4

monument 5

monument 6

collage 7,11

monument 8

collage 9,10

monument 12

monument 13

Next we all headed to the Museum of American History. Anna's favorite part was the exhibit of the First Lady gowns. Stunning piece of American history. Abigail fell asleep in her stroller (that Scott thought to bring). And whenever Abigail falls asleep Anna knows it's her cue to look for ice cream. (Abigail's allergic)

icecream 1

So ice cream we did find!

icecream 2

But we also found some that Abigail could have. Boy was she ever happy to have some when she woke up!

icecream 3

On to the White House. We started at the back lawn

white house 3

white house 1

and then on to the front. It really is something to stand there and wonder what they're doing inside! I was surprised how close you an actually get especially to the front. This picture is not cropped in at all!

white house 4

white house 5

Certainly a very busy day but we were happy to see so many different things!   Just a few more to come!

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  1. These are spectacular Tara!!!

    The girls look super cute in their white dresses and their big red flowers!!!

    What a wonderful trip...... you made a lot of memories that will last a lifetime~




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