Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

I got all of my pictures edited and on flicker thinking I might have a bit of free time to blog while we were away.  Why did I think that?  Trips are great but relaxing just doesn't fit into them! (more on our trip later when I can)  For now here's Easter this year in a nutshell. 

Easter morning brought joy for sure!

girls happy

This year I was especially happy because Scott was home with us. Last year didn't even really feel like a holiday with Scott in China. His girls were just so happy remembering that he is home this year!


Goodies in baskets are always a fun way to start the day!

abi necklace

The bunny doesn't leave a lot of candy in our house. Abigail is allergic and Anna think she likes tons of it and I end of throwing it all out after a week of it hanging around. Just threw out all of the Valentines day candy that she never touched!

The bunny did bring Abigail special cupcakes that she wasn't allergic too! They sure were a hit!

abi cupcake

We had to rush off that morning for Mass. The girls had to be there at 9:00 for a final dance rehearsal.

I love this one. Abigail is on the left.

little girls putting hands together

They danced beautifully; I was oh so proud of them for taking part in Easter Mass.

anna dancing up


Grandma and Grandpa were able to come as well which made the girls feel extra special.

anna and grandma

abi and dad

Once we got home we were able to resume the Easter morning excitement. The girls found their egg hunt and some new goodies around the house.

abi hand over mouth

anna candy

We headed to Scott's sister's house for Easter dinner. She worked so hard and did a ton of cooking. How did I not get a picture of her that day? She also put on a huge egg hunt for all of the kids.

kobus egg hunt

kobus all girls

Scott with his Mom

scott and joan

mommy and anna

We were so appreciative of Scott's sister and all that she did for Abigail's allergies on Easter. She texted back and forth with me for weeks before Easter planning the perfect meal that Abigail wouldn't be allergic to! And Abigail loved her Aunt Cindy's chicken!

scott and abi

Then off to my brother and sister in laws for another egg hunt and dessert. It was fun to see all of the cousins on one day!

sullivan egg hunt

Our holiday was busy but fun. Scott and I never find a minute to get a picture of just the two of us. I was happy I did that day!

scott and i

As soon as we got home we started getting ready to leave for Spring Break!


  1. Tara, you have such a beautiful family...I always enjoy looking at your pictures. Makes me long for the days when my daughter was young...hard to believe she'll be 19 this year and graduating in the November from Business College!

  2. Great pictures of you and Scott and the girls! Looks like a wonderful Easter!! Enjoy your Spring Break.



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