Friday, May 13, 2022

It Felt Like a Celebration

Today (writing Tuesday evening) felt like a celebration. 

Today we picked up Anna at college for the year. 

The year! How is that even possible that she has completed her first year at college? 

We went from this

To this: 

and it was amazing. I wrote a little bit of a reflection (back here) on her year coming to a close, but today was really it. 

Scott and I both took a personal day off from our schools. At first we thought that just Scott would head up but I felt like if just he went I would be missing something. I'm so glad I went. 

We drove up and talked, talked, talked the whole way. It was sunny and delightful. 

Anna met us at the student center and then we packed up her room. Up and down those four flights of stairs, loading the car. It was packed to the max when we were done. 

We went back in her room one last time just to make sure we had every little thing. And then we prayed. 

Thank you God for this year. For this college. For your gift of brining Anna here. Thank you for her roommate and her room. Thankyou for carrying her through challenges and surprising her with delights. Thank you for the orchestra and her classes. Thank you Lord for this year; we give you all the glory. Amen.

It was powerful and I could feel the love in that little dorm room with just the three of us. 

It was sad and wonderful and thrilling, and joyful all at the same time. In many ways I don't want her freshman year to be over. That means we only have three years left to be a Holy Cross family. I have loved this year as a whole family. 

I know she'll be in a different room or possibly different dorm next year and I wanted to remember how pretty this tree was that she could see right outside of her her window. 

After we headed to one of the restaurants on campus and had such a yummy lunch. We meandered through the bookstore and I found what I was looking for... a print of  Saint Joseph Memorial Chapel. I plan on having it framed and hanging it in our home. 

We grabbed some special drinks for the ride home and headed back to the car. And that was that. Her freshman year is complete. 

There is something about Mount Saint James. And I'm so grateful it was Anna's. 

Yes, today was a celebration indeed. A little party with just the three of us; a memory I will tuck away and save forever. 

Things about this year that I want to remember: 

Visits Visits Visits


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