Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our House ~ January


This is kind of a funny post to me because all of January our house felt torn apart.  I know it wasn't totally but it sure felt that way.

Although the stove came at the end of December, all of January was about the new kitchen... and it sure left a mess every which way.  (and every day)  There was no doubt about it a kitchen project takes over the house.  But we are almost done and I am grateful for all of the upgrades.  I'll post soon.

So these pictures make me laugh because it makes it look like was a calm and cozy month.  It wasn't.  Work teaching, "running the show" as I call it all afternoon and evening took everything out of me.  The kitchen took everything out of Scott.  Although we had people do a majority of the work he couldn't do himself there was a bunch he did take on himself.  None of which we had time for.  It will be worth it was my mantra through this month.

Here is some cozy among the chaos.


A cozy mantle in the viola room.


Winter was rather warm here in Connecticut. And we're still waiting for a huge storm. But I had snow on my mantle.






Books with ribbons are the sweetest of all.



We kept the teepee just where Santa had set it up on Christmas Eve.

adding on 7

adding on 8

My kitchen tea table got a refresher at the beginning of the month.


Such a happy spot in my house.


This hand painted rose table has a little story to it. Waaaay back when I was only married for a year or two I finished my masters degree and my Mom gave me a gift card. I knew JUST what I wanted with that gift card... I drove to a store called 'Favorite Things' and got this table I'd seen in the store for years. I remember trying to fit it in my little car back then. And I've loved it every since. It's always been a tea table.


Both cups from Anna.


Little bird and Hogben pottery from England. I only have two little pieces but adore them.






Snowflakes in the window (can you see my lit up bird feeder through there?)



Just days before the tear down.





The mantle in our family room was fun to do... After all that red and green and vintage books I chose a light look with milk glass from my grandmother. (and see that little sweet bird)


and wooden floral hearts.


The painting my dad did and I love the winter scene with the little bird.


adding on 1

adding on 2

adding on 3

adding on 4

adding on 5

adding on 6

Chinese New Year touches in the girls rooms.




It sure was a full month filled with all good things.  I'm looking forward all the hearts that come out soon soon soon!


Monday, January 30, 2017

Late January Weekending


dating daddy
(Scott's school had a family movie night and this one was beaming to go)










and writing


there was also Mass, friends, new kitchen, homework, laundry, cleaning, food planning, and cooking. It was a good good one! On to February!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Bursting with Pride

I can remember her very first ~ ever viola lesson.  She was five.  She wore a yellow Gymboree dress with flowers on it.  She had the cutest short bob back then and I put up the front every day.

We weren't quite sure what we were getting into with the Suzuki program.  Scott and I went to a few parent meetings and thought we'd give it a try for a year.

That was nine years ago.

Nine years ago Abigail was in diapers, crawling, into everything and often on my hip.

Nine years ago we started a journey into music.  One that I knew nothing about. I took piano lessons for a very brief time when I was a child but certainly knew nothing about string instruments.

But this program, Suzuki was supposed to be the best and the one that "nurtured the heart" not just taught the instrument.

I'm so glad that nine years ago happened to us.

Because Anna and her viola are one.  They are beautiful together.

Part of the Suzuki program is based on a triangle of learning.  The teacher, the child, and the parent.  Is it not up to the teacher to teach and the child to practice (and the parent to nag).

It is mandatory that the parent goes to each and every lesson, takes notes, and is an active participant/observer.  Then with practice at home the parent is THERE.  Sitting with at same notebook and working WITH their child through the entire practice.  This has been going on for nine years.

I can remember half way through the second year it got hard.  Really hard.  And I talked to Scott about the possibility of leaving the program/the viola.  As we were talking it dawned on us that I'd miss all that ONE on ONE time with Anna.  Just Anna.  Not folding laundry.  Not cooking dinner.  Not on my phone (not that I had a smart phone back then).  So nine years later I count all of that sweet (and sometimes not so sweet) time as a blessing.  A blessing of TIME with my daughter.  And I am grateful.

Today (at 4:52) Anna had an audition for her high school select orchestra. We walked in together.  Scott came to the parking lot to see her off (and to scoop up Abigail so that I could focus all of my attention on Anna)

For some reason this audition (after so so so many auditions) felt like a turning point for us.  Her the violist, me the parent.  Like I had brought her from a kindergartner to this moment.


And I was proud.  Oh so proud of this girl.  As I've said before for the beautiful music she plays and the beautiful music in her heart.

I sat in the hallway and watched her walk in to play, hands trembling.  She played seitz concerto no. 5 1st movement, and it sounded oh so perfect to me.  Like heaven.  I closed my eyes and thanked God for the girl that she is and that I get to call her my daughter.

(she also has to play a piece that she has never seen before... sight read... which she informed me she "did horrible at")

(first ever picture in her high school... graduating class of 2021) 

(ps... in case you want to know about this orchestra we are not expecting her to 'get in' until perhaps her senior year... it is a internationally known high school orchestra that is simply amazing... but Anna wanted to audition for the experience and to get her foot in the door... or perhaps I should say her bow in the door)