Thursday, June 29, 2017

Blessings From Heaven

Do you remember this post? It was a while back.

Well, love came again.

And this shot... 3 years later... this time with a baby girl in her arms.

baby mulready

There is nothing like holding your baby in your arms. Nothing.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer Cooking

The best part of summer is being with my girls. And having time.

I love to bake all year long. But during a rushed school year I often don't like extra help in the kitchen. I could be better at that (and do plan on having Anna in the kitchen with me more during the school year) but I love how the summer we spend so much time together.

This week Abigail and I made cinnamon muffins with a yummy glaze (so they tasted like a cinnamon roll)



She did a great job!


We had an iced tea party in the afternoon.


Yesterday Anna made lunch for all of us. I love her enthusiasm in the kitchen!




Her club sandwiches were AMAZING!


We've got recipes marked and plans for Anna to make lunch 3 times a week. I love my daughters home with me!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

And Then...

It's a good thing that I blog all of the pretty around my house because right now it's not so pretty.

On Sunday a pipe broke in the girls bathroom and we had a ton of water in our playroom. If you've been on this blog even for a little bit you know how much I love our playroom. (as seen in the post back here)

Well as soon as Scott realized it was water it was 'all hands on deck' as we tried to save all of the toys. Not too much was damaged in the actual playroom itself but we have a back room that we call 'feels like new' (when Anna was two or three I started rotating her toys from the playroom to this back room where we had shelves... the first time I took something out of the backroom she cried aloud so happy, "mama, it FEELS LIKE NEW" ... and so because the toys 'feel like new', that's what we still call it)

The toys in 'feels like new' got really wet, but most of them are in clear bins. The girls and I cleaned up those bins as fast as Scott could carry them out of the closet.

So right now our playroom looks nothing like this... but that's okay. It'll get there soon and when they bins go back they'll be super organized!

In the process we decided to 'use the opportunity' since the walls were opened up to fix that bathroom pipe to redo the girls bathroom.

I don't have any pictures tonight, I'm too busy dusting as dirt seems to be flying everywhere, but I'll keep you posted!

Hope you're all having a lovely summer week!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Our House ~ June

our house june 3

For truly I don't want to forget all of the pretty things that I have to decorate, so as June comes to an end I want to get my home pictures all organized.  And then I think, all of you that love your home so much might like a peek into mine.

So here goes... our home in the crazy month of June.

our house 13

The birthday mantle has been taken down and in it's place is a little reminder of our trip last year to Hawaii.

our house 14

Our Family Room

our house 15

our house 16

our house 17

our house 18

our house 19

our house 20

our house 21

our house 22

our house june 17

our house june 18

Viola Room

our house 23

our house 24

our house 25

our house 26

our house 27

our house 28

our house 29

(my view from where I blog)

our house 33

our house 34

our house 35

our house 36

Our Kitchen

our house 37

our house 38

our house june 21

our house june 22

our house june 23

our house june 24

our house june 1

our house june 2

our house june 4

our house june 5

our house june 6

our house 30

our house 31

our house june 9

our house june 10

our house june 11


our house june 8

our house 32

our house june 12

Other little places

our house june 7

our house june 13

our house june 14

our house june 15

our house june 19

our house june 20


our house june 16