Saturday, February 4, 2023

High School Pops Concert

Loved this one too! This concert was more of a fun, relaxing concert. We are so blessed to go to these! It's like a date for Scott and I. 

Friday, February 3, 2023

Vacation Week

January flew by - like really flew by!!! Here we are in February and I just found some pictures I took way back in December. They seem like a long time ago but I have to have them here because they make me feel so warm and cozy inside. 

I took them sometime between Christmas and New Years - that blessed week with all of us home. We also went to Nantucket that week. Click HERE to see those pictures. 

But this week at home was wonderful too.  Most days when the girls got up they put on pajamas for their clothes and we hung out all day and evening long. We focused on food, games, and being together. I wish I took more, but I certainly do love these! 

This popcorn maker that the girls opened on Christmas morning was a huge hit. We've used it so many times since this first night. It makes the very best popcorn in the world! 

Yummmmm I want this now! Nachos for dinner! 

And this was our New Years Eve. We made these yummy boards and watched a movie. So yummy and fun! 

I sure do love all of those cozy days and nights together! 

Ready for Church

Last weekend Abigail and Scott made a plan. She needed some help with her math and they decided to use the hour before we left to get it done! I know she's mine so maybe it doesn't make it totally true, but we think that there is no one in the world that works harder than Abigail. We just love her so much and are so proud of her 24 hours each day! 

I've had this blog oh so long and there are like 2,000 posts - it's hard to find one post that I know is here! I do know that there are like a million pictures of Scott helping Abigail.  Click Here for just one of them. If I find more I'll add them here! 

Monday, January 30, 2023

Chamber Group Concert

I love the sound of a chamber group, and so this concert was lovely. Chamber groups have a much more intimate setting and sound than an orchestra. I love to be able to hear what she is playing. 

 Here is the video of the concert. If you're interested her chamber group, Capriccio, plays at 22:25

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Home Right Now

I've been working on our home since Christmas came down. It's taking me quite a while to figure out how I want to decorate. There are a few things I know are my core that I come back to again and again: 

1. I like my kitchen to be whimsical, fun, cherry, vintage, festive for any holiday. 

So in my kitchen I have been playing with a lot of ironstone lately that I've been finding in antique shops and thrifting. Here is a peek at a few places in our kitchen. I do have to explain why the photos are so grainy. I took them when the sun was almost gone and I didn't like the way it all looked with our lights on, so I cranked up the ISO and so they are really grainy - but you get the idea. 

Scott built me this little shelf when I asked him (in like 30 minutes, painted and all, for scraps of wood we had around) 

I love it so much! 

Right now I've got the tea kettle right next to it which slides out easy peasy with that crochet doily underneath it. I got it at Susan Branches website a few years ago. 

The pitcher were all found thrifting, as were the green glass dessert dishes. I love the ironstone heart dishes too! And that platter so pretty. But my favorite by far is that new little ironstone creamer with the blue flower on it! Love it so much! 

Here is another little corner in our kitchen:

This little stool so cute for little vignettes! More ironstone and a few books. That little winter banner is the only "winter" decoration I have up this year. I just wanted plain this year. 

The little pie is actually a candle! I love that it sits in a little tin pan. 

It's hard to pick my favorite in this little vignette. Perhaps that ironstone pink vase - squealed when I found it for $1! And it's perfect for the next holiday coming. Tiny bits of pink are starting to make their way into our home. But really it's a tie between that pink vase and the ironstone stack of plates. It's oh so hard to tell in the picture but they have such a pretty edge to them, not just round. I love them so much (I say that a lot!) 

I will take better pictures when I change this up soon! 

As I was saying... 

1. I like our kitchen to be whimsical, fun, cherry, vintage, festive for any holiday. 

2. I like our family room and living room to be traditional. 

I'm still working on those two rooms but will take pictures when they are done!

Hope you're having a lovely January. It's almost February! Wow!! 


Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Chasing Christmas ~ Christmas Getaway Weekend to Nantucket

Oh my stars... we did it! Christmas Getaway Weekend is a special tradition in our family. It's a time when we do just that... get away to enjoy and soak in Christmas. Oh, for sure we soak in Christmas in our own home too but there is something about a new city or a small town all decorated for Christmas. We just love it. You can scroll to the end and read all about how this tradition and to read the story behind how the first Christmas Getaway Weekend started.  

This year our trip was a bit longer than just the 'weekend' and it was the girls big surprise Christmas morning present. Click HERE to see their reaction to this surprise. 

And here is our Christmas trip to Nantucket... 

We left our home a little before 6:00 AM and drove to Cape Cod (it's about two full hours) We left our car in the overnight parking the ferry terminal had and got out tickets. Oh why didn't I take any pictures of the ferry terminal? It was out of a magazine, so charming. For sure a Hallmark Christmas movie needs to film there. 

The ferry in the winter is almost empty - just a few families traveling to see relatives that live on Nantucket. We decided to sit upstairs and lounge out at a big long table. So relaxing. The girls loved buying pretzels and fun drinks at the snack bar. 

We talked, the girls were on their phones, and I edit Christmas morning photos I'd taken just a few days before. We relaxed for only two hours and then we were there! 

As soon at the port was in view we were out on deck taking it all in. We had the very best weather in the world for December. Bright blue skies, sunshine, and 40's for temps! Wow! 

Our first glimpse of that Nantucket lighthouse! 

And I couldn't wait to see the wreath. This island is so charming. I love it so much. I told Scott we need to buy a house there, ha! 

It's a postcard! 

It looked exactly like I thought it would look. I am certain that the word charming was invented on Nantucket. 💞

We were picked up at the Ferry by our hotel -- we stayed at the Nantucket Hotel (click HERE to see more) 

I love peeking at different hotels and the girls and I love looking back at pictures so I took a bunch of the room we stayed in. We completely loved our accommodations!! It was cozy and modern but also charming for what you might see in a sea village. 

Abigail loved her own bed tucked away. So sweet! 

And then it was off to explore (and have some lunch) 

Cobblestone streets, shops all decorated for the holiday season, and oh the window boxes... glorious! 

This bookshop was our favorite place to shop. We went back each day! 

More window boxes, Nantucket homes, and walking around the village. 

Main Street Nantucket is like walking in the 1800's - I tried to capture the magic of this Christmasy town. 

The window boxes are so extraordinary -- I couldn't stop taking pictures of them!

And the doorways are dressed for Christmas like I've never seen. 

We found ourselves in another bookstore. This one the most famous on the island. I love this photo oh so much. My girls 💞

I do think that Nantucket is the most sparkly place in December. (oh course New York City is sparkly, but just in a different way) 

Love this blue light and the just getting dark. We meandered back to the hotel for dinner. Oh the lights in the railing. 

The next day we headed to the beach - so peaceful and beautiful. (I wish I took a picture of our lovely breakfast in that same restaurant) 

We walked back to town and walked around all day. We also visited THIS museum. (loved it and learned so much about this island and the 'festival of trees') These pictures were taken from the top of the lookout at the museum. 

Lunch at this adorable place! 

Famous fudge shop on the island. 

Had to make sure we saw this - loved it in the daylight but went back again at night. 

After all of that walked we relaxed in our room for a while and then headed out to an old whaling pub for dinner. I took this from our window looking out - the sunset was so pretty and impossible to capture with my camera, as sunsets are. 

I couldn't wait to see the little boat with the Christmas tree lit up at night so pretty. It is such a simple thing but a 'Christmas on Nantucket' landmark and I adored it. I love how the lights glisten and reflect in the water. 

Another cozy night in our hotel with games we brought from home and just relaxing 

In the morning Scott and I went to Mass - I love love going to different churches. 

Abigail all cozy in her bed. She did not want to check out of this hotel. 

But we had to catch the noon ferry and so we packed up and headed out - a quick walk to the ferry area and off we went. 

So many pictures I didn't take - so many things I want to remember but they are stored in my heart. I am so grateful for this trip - for our tradition of 'Christmas Getaway' and for this time. Time time time with the four of us is so precious. 

Until next time Nantucket! 

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