Monday, April 30, 2012

Washington DC (part 5)

Man, I hate that I'm going out of order. Oh well! Here are a few pictures from our first full day in DC. Scott had most of the day with us. He just had to go to some fancy smanchy dinner at night. The girls and I ate in the hotel restaurant and hung out in the room. It was fun!

But that morning be headed to the famous Air and Space Museum.

first day 6

And boy, I can tell you, these girls were not into it at all! We knew it was time to go when we were on the second floor, pointing something out and their conversation went something like this,

Anna: So do you think Rapunzel's hair could reach to down there?
Abigail: I don't know... maybe
Anna: What if you had Rapunzel hair? You could tie it around the banister here...

and on and on it went. Too cute and funny, and it didn't surprise me at all. But it was fun to find out how much Anna would weigh if she were on Jupiter!

first day 5

We moved on to the exquisite Native American Museum that we just loved. The building was so peaceful and beautiful.

first day 4

Lunch was authentic and oh so good. We didn't have more than a few hours there but loved it so much. Anna will be studying Naive Americans coming up this spring in third grade so she was especially interested.

first day 3

A short was to our first view of the National Monument and then we had tickets to the Building of Engraving and Printing (where money is made) Scott got up super early and waited in line outside to get us tickets. But there are no pictures of this since they didn't allow any cameras.

first day 1

first day 2

Almost done...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Washington DC (part 4)

A Parade, The National Monument, Ice cream, and The White House... what a day!

We packed a lot into this day too but it didn't feel like it. This trip had a relaxed feeling that I just loved. Scott had to attend meetings in the morning so he planned that we'd go to the Cherry Blossom parade. It was a big one since this was the 100th Anniversary of the "gift of the trees". He surprised the girls and I with tickets to seats on bleachers. I think he felt better that we had a seat and I wouldn't have to fight crowds alone trying to get the girls to see. The plan was for him to meet us at the end of the parade.

I was nervous this morning since I had to do the metro alone (with a stop and transfer between). I was also getting off at a stop that we'd never been to before, had to find my way to the parade route (with the girls in tow), find the assigned bleachers, and find Will Call to pick up the tickets. I had never been so "on" and focused ever!

The metro was super crowded but we did it! The only problem was that when we got off the metro we headed in the opposite direction! After about 3 blocks I realized that we couldn't be headed in the right direction so we turned around. I picked up Abigail (no stroller since I just couldn't mange it that day) and ran with Anna back the 3 blocks where we started and then 3 more blocks to find WIll Call and our seats. Phew! Just in time for some Abigail drama (tear) and the parade to start!

parade 1

I was certainly grateful for the assigned seats. For Anna's sensory issues having an assigned seat works so much better for her rather than pushing crowds on the curb. And the parade was lovely. We sat for about 2 1/2 hours that felt like one! Scott was able to get to us by the end of the parade which was nice.

parade 2

collage parade 3,4

You know they loved these dresses!

parade 5

Oh how I loved the Marine Corps Band!

parade 6

We had a picnic lunch on the lawn of the National Monument, so much fun! It was a beautiful day for sure!

collage 2,3

monument 1

monument 4

monument 5

monument 6

collage 7,11

monument 8

collage 9,10

monument 12

monument 13

Next we all headed to the Museum of American History. Anna's favorite part was the exhibit of the First Lady gowns. Stunning piece of American history. Abigail fell asleep in her stroller (that Scott thought to bring). And whenever Abigail falls asleep Anna knows it's her cue to look for ice cream. (Abigail's allergic)

icecream 1

So ice cream we did find!

icecream 2

But we also found some that Abigail could have. Boy was she ever happy to have some when she woke up!

icecream 3

On to the White House. We started at the back lawn

white house 3

white house 1

and then on to the front. It really is something to stand there and wonder what they're doing inside! I was surprised how close you an actually get especially to the front. This picture is not cropped in at all!

white house 4

white house 5

Certainly a very busy day but we were happy to see so many different things!   Just a few more to come!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Just a Normal Friday

Just in case you wondered what a Stay at Home mom does....


This is basically it! Here's what's not on the list. (and the things I love the most)

~ Abigail's twirling show that I "had to video tape on our way out the door to school'
~ Spraying and brushing out their hair
~ Making sure lunch boxes had iceies in them
~ Making sure shoes matched, the jacket was appropriate for New Englands ever changing weather
~ Helping girls make beds
~ Cooking French toast for breakfast
~ Hugs and kisses in the car before they hop out
~ Listening to their stories of school
~ Giving Abigail 4 types of medicine this morning
~ Enjoying their happy, bouncy morning
~ Helping them (especially my 4 year old) through the tough, tired afternoon
~ Tying on, helping with tons of dress up play
~ Teaching them, helping them clean up at the end of the day
~ Listening to Scott's work day
~ Cleaning up the kitchen a million times
~ Bible and prayer time at bedtime
~ Giving baths
~ Reading "Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms" to Abigail AGAIN
~ Hearing Daddy tell them their "make up story" in the dark all snuggled in their warm beds
~ Cuddling up and watching with eye lids get heavy and eventually close

Now that's a good day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Week of the Young Child

Each year Abigail's preschool invites the parents in for part of their morning at school to do crafts with them.  I loved it twice with Anna and this second time with Abigail.  The teachers set up stations and we meander around the classroom doing various art projects.  It's lovely.

abi painting

With her teacher...

with mrs giddings

With her sweet friend...

friends claire looking

friends abi looking


Thank you for making my morning so special Abigail.  I'll hold this memory close to me. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Washington DC (part 3)

tulips coverted 1

One of the reasons I was so excited about going to Washington DC this spring was the flowers. The tulips were at their peek, and we were lucky that our "ho towel" (as Abigail calls it) had a beautiful garden. We always stopped their in the afternoon on our way home from our outing. This afternoon we had just walked home from the zoo. The garden seemed to refresh us after our long days. The girls ran around the garden paths and I got to sit on the benches and relax a bit.


tulips 9

tulips 8

tulips 5

tulips 4

tulips 3

tulips 2

tulips 1

And then daddy would meet us in the garden whenever he had a break in his conference. I'm not sure why Abigail was crying here. It was a long day for her after 'not enough' hotel kind of sleep the night before.

tulips 7

tulips 6

The perfect way to end the day.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Washington DC (part 2)

We were so happy to be able to travel with Scott to his Education Conference in DC!  I knew that there would be a lot of time that he would have to be in meetings and that I would be doing DC alone with the girls.  But he was so sweet to help me plan out all of the days he couldn't be with us. 

National Zoo

On our first full day the girls and I headed to the zoo.  It was a quick walk from our hotel.  The weather was perfect.  You know the kind of day that starts with a jacket and leggings under that dress and you take the jacket on and off a million times becuase you can't decide it you're hot or cold.  My favorite weather days... sunny and 65ish!


Anna loved the zoo! She was so excited to see the pandas!

zoo 1

zoo 3

The only pandas in the US. There were zoo keepers telling us that usually the pandas aren't so close to the fence. We were lucky to get such a good view of them!

zoo 4

He was busy eating his breakfast, so cute!

zoo 5

Chomping away... he didn't seem to mind us staring at him!

zoo 6

I did zoom in with a crop but we were really close! Then he walked away from his breakfast...

zoo 7

He found some more over here, 

zoo 8

Then just a bit away was the female. She was sunning herself on the rock. So cool. Anna was trilled. She kept saying, "take another picture" "did you get that one" "here, let me take off my hat and jacket for a picture with the panda"

zoo 10
zoo 11

We spent some time in the panda information area. I was fascinated by their story, how the zoo (and the whole world) helps them reproduce, and their time there. It really was moving. Maybe that's because the last time I saw pandas I had a 'brand new' to me baby in my arms. We went to see the pandas in China. I remember not caring a bit. Not one single bit about those pandas. I was so in love with baby Jinag Qian (Anna's Chinese name) in my arms I barely took my eyes off her to look up to see the pandas.

Anna loved being in charge of the map and the path we'd follow through the day. Since it was just mommy I told her she was in charge. Here she is studying the map to plan out the rest of her day at the zoo.

zoo 12

Here Abigail is trying to get involved. I love her panda cap. See the pink flower at the top? Everything in DC seemed to have a little Cherry Blossom on it. So cute!

zoo 13

Scott was able to join us around lunchtime. On our way out and back to our hotel.

zoo 15

A super fun day with my girls.

zoo 14