Monday, September 30, 2019

Chasing Rainbows Through Tears

I didn't take my phone out to document the moment. But I'm pretty sure I can remember forever anyway.

Today was no school. It's a Jewish holiday and we have the day off. Perfect for scheduling an appointment that both Scott and I need to take Abigail to.

The endocrinologist. Anna has been teasing her sister {in a sweet way} that it's the "short doctor".

In a way she's right.

Her primary physician and her Gastroenterologist requested that we go.

She's had bone scans for her height and weight - trying to figure out why she just won't grow. It is due to her EoE? Or is there something else.

There's nothing else I'm sure but it sure is hard.

Abigail is brave.

She's been dealing with a chronic disease since she was first diagnosed at 22 months.

She's happy - go - lucky. Teachers love her, doctors love her, nurses leave their shifts to visit her, we adore her.

But today was weird, different.

Another doctor appointment. Nothing new.

But today, out of the blue, she got off the exam table, climbed into Scott's arms and cried.

She was tired of doctors. Tired of having to work at gaining weight. Tired of the ongoing, life ongoing, struggle with a life like this.

This new doctor was brilliant - and she went over things so very carefully with us. Left for a while. Examined the bone density scan. Came back and decided on more tests.

Concerns about bone health, weight, height among other things.

I scribbled down notes as I always do in a medical notebook too full for a twelve year old.

She is quite certain that Abigail's growth is compromised by the medicines she has to take for EoE. Stopping growth is a side effect.

But she can't go off the medicine. The medicine allows her to eat - and that is quite important.

Based on the charts and what they see now she is predicting her at a height much shorter than 5 feet.

So we'll do more tests next week and meet again with all of these specialists.

Feels like chasing a rainbow sometimes - there are no concrete answers. Just a circle of 'these are the concerns' but there's nothing we can do about them because of the meds she needs.

I liked it better when she was little and colored through the appointment. She had no idea what was going on. She listens now and even participates in the conversations.

And cries.

Cries as we chase rainbows through tears.


Friday, September 27, 2019

How We Do Tea

Goodness.. I found this post in 'drafts' which means it was sitting there all ready to go but I never published it. Our little tea table right now is all fall and pumpkin teas but I love still love these pictures.

I think when I took them I was intending to talk about "how" I fix tea.


1. We start with a favorite mug. Scott and I have a lovely little collection of Emma Bridgewater mugs. They are from England. And we just love them. We don't want a lot of them and we only buy one once in a while. I love to pick one out for us and get it only if I really love it.


Each one is like a little story to me.


2. These teas nestled in here with my mugs are my everyday teas. We use loose tea because, well, it tastes better. Although once in a while a tea bag is a must especially in the evening. (gosh it looks so strange to me in the photo since I've changed it around so many times since then... but you get the idea)


On our tea table are a few more mugs from Susan Branch that I adore. (And I can now tell that I took these photos last WINTER because of the little felt house I can see) (and the winter mug on top)




3. On the tea table (at that time) I keep all of our decaf tea. Because Anna love a cup of tea some evenings I want her to not have to search for it and have a lovely experience just finding her tea. I'm pretty sure I had a "tea table" long before pinterest was creating "coffee bars".



For decaf we love Harney and Sons rooibos, and from the Green Teahouse gummy bear herbal.




Here is a photo I found from the way it looked in the summer.

kitchen 22

4. Now REALLY important is the water you use for tea. Always start with fresh, cold water. And this too: teas will only brew properly at certain temperatures. For example, green tea is sensitive and you can not use boiling water. 80 degrees. While black teas need to brew at 90 degrees. Herbals at 100. So we use a cute little electric tea kettle that allows you to put in the temperature you want the water to boil.

(found this picture from January to show you -- the white is the electric tea kettle)


And that's it. I think one of the great pleasures of tea is in the making it. There is something relaxing just in scooping a teaspoon into a filter and pouring the water over loose tea.

Tea to me is like a picnic indoors.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Today I had a formal observation. And it was magical. I can't even tell you how many hours upon hours I planned it - every little detail. And of course how would I ever I have pictures? I was too busy teaching my heart out!

 I love teaching {and dislike all of the forms} and I'm more tired than I can explain. But it's worth it. When I'm reading to them and their eyes light up. I read picture books to teach 4th grade concepts. Like I said, it's magical.

 As much as I want these two worlds to mesh (my home-family-me blogging with my teaching my heart out world - I just can't seem to make them work. I feel like if I try to explain my teaching or share parts of it I won't do it justice or it just won't make sense. But it's such a big part of my life. And since this blog documents my life I will try and get a few teaching things in here, bit by bit. 

And so today's lesson. Here's just a few pictures from a slide show that help me to deliver the curriculum:

Author's Message 1

Author's Message 2

Author's Message 3

Author's Message 4

Author's Message 5

Author's Message 6

Author's Message 7

Author's Message 8

Monday, September 23, 2019

Friday, September 20, 2019

Soon -- very soon

We hold our breath and wait -- for T H I S is coming





Sometimes I wonder if other people notice as much as I do.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Homemaking Always

Wisdom from a woman who was born in 1867 and died in 1957 --

{my thoughts}

"So much depends upon the homemakers. I sometimes wonder if they are so busy now with other things {and this written so long ago - I wonder what she would think now of 'other things'} that they are forgetting the importance of this special work."

"Because of their importance, we must not neglect our home in the rapid changes of the present day. For when tests of character come in later years, strength to the good will not come from the modern improvements or amusements {made me think of all our technology} few many have enjoyed, but from the quiet moments and the "still small voices" of the old home." {oh yes, the quiet moments, even if they are few, even if they are at 5 am}

~the wonderful Laura Ingalls Wilder

I take great comfort in knowing that what I do is important. I love to hear this long ago hero of mine 'talk' about homemaking. It warms my soul to know that she thought about it just as I do.

There are so many 'different ways' to be a homemaker. Some would argue that because I'm a 4th grade full time classroom teacher I'm not a full time homemaker. I would not agree. I love my home deeply and fully - not in all of the walls but the people I make it for.

sister reading

It is all so important to me.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Mid September Weekending

"Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We will get there someday." A.A.Milne Winnie-the-Pooh

My whole house is ~Autumn~ now  - - - except for my baking center. It's the first autumn with a baking center so I want to get it just right and am not quite sure what I'll do - - - so for now it still looks like this - - - all vintage and pretty.


I love this cookbook but I think I'll change it out for an autumn one.



I'll keep all of the vintage pyrex and all of the potholders my little girls made me.


Maybe swap the cherry pie for apple...


Maybe change the cake stands... hummmmm



I love when Sunday I am home alllllllllll day. Love it.

I don't love that Abigail had a fever and was sick all day Sunday {and Monday}

I cooked and baked a ton on Sunday.


no sugar (sweetened only with banana) oat flour muffins.


Abigail soup was simmering.


Sipping on apple crisp tea.


I make these every weekend for Anna and I - perfect addition to our lunch boxes. No sugar bars with good things like chia seeds and only dates to sweeten.


It was a fallish {because of all of the baking} weekend.

And so that made it a good one.