Monday, March 26, 2012

A Girls Weekend and a Touch of Spring around the House

We had a whirlwind weekend for sure, and I didn't get pictures of some important things like Anna's first solo viola concert and Abigail's first solo sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

We also snuck in tennis, art school, Peter Pan rehearsal, liturgical dance rehearsal at church, teaching religious ed and so much more. 

This was the only one I got.  Sunday night, in jammies having a fruit smoothie pop in front of the fireplace.

girls wknd 1

And this one of the girls opening a spring surprise present from my Aunt Kathy.

wknd girls 2

On Sunday the girls helped me decorate for spring a bit. I love to change the pictures in my frames.

dec spring 9

dec spring 8

Peter Rabbit and mother Cottentail on my dining room table.

dec spring 7

dec spring collage 4 5

sec spring 6

My Grandfathers gardening books on my living room coffee table.

dec spring 3

And my Spring cookbook

dec spring 2

An old bunny that was in my Easter basket when I was little.

dec spring 1

Looking forward to daddy coming home this afternoon.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday ~ Summer in March

We've had summer here in Connecticut already and it's only March!  Usually the high temp might reach the 50's but yesterday we had 83!!! My oh my... we love it! 

These pictures were taken before I knew how to take pictures but I tried to fix them up in photoshop.  Taken back in June of 2009; Abigail had just turned two and Anna just turned 6. 

This was a tough time in our lives.  Anna was going through some tough stuff related to her adoption.  We started seeking help for her PTSD.  And although her diagnosis gave us a sense of relief the therapy she needed from us took every single ounce of energy.  That was almost 3 years ago; she's come so far since then.  In these pictures I see a six year old holding onto her toddler sisters hand for dear life.  She wouldn't let go because Abigail made her literally feel safe.  Abigail still does that for her.  Just last weekend we were at a function and Anna entered a room that was too crowded, too noisy, too much stimulation for her to feel safe and Abigail wouldn't hold her hand.  Anna left that scary situation so fast.  Now that she's older she doesnt' make Abigail protect her.  She now knows how to find us instead.  But there's a sister bond there that amazes me.  Imagine that a four year old would make an eight year old feel whole and safe?  Amazing. 




I can't get over the chubby baby arms Abigail has and those curls... golly!  And Anna with her little girl hair cut...



These pictures were taken so that my Dad could paint this... 


amazing, it's it?  I'm so lucky!

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean.

Off to a crazy weekend with me and my girls.  Scott is away and there is so much to do.  I'm going to try to take some pictures and savor the moments with them. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crazy Busy

I usually feel like I have total control over our family schedule.  I feel like I have a healthy balance for the girls of extra activities after school and just being home days.  And then a week and weekend like this hits...

kindergarten orientation
viola lesson
tennis lessons
art school
rehearsal for solo viola recital
rehearsal for Peter Pan
viola solo recital
rehearsal for liturgical dance for Easter
teaching religious education

just to name a few things this weekend.  And the worst part?  I'm flying SOLO!  Scott will be at a conference a few states away.  Man oh man I can't wait for Tuesday already! 

On Monday after school we usually go to the library to stock up on books for the week. This is what I'm reading (well not really from this point on) this week.  Cute, Anna found this top book for me when I was quickly browsing in the "new books" section.  "This one is perfect for you Mommy!"  love it! 


Monday, March 19, 2012

Dress Up at Grandma and Grandpa's

My parents had a lovely brunch for us last weekend... or maybe it was more like two or three weekends ago to celebrate Abigail not having bear in her mouth while she sleeps.  It was beautiful and oh so yummy.  But even more yummy than the food is watching my girls in "their bedroom" or Grandma's guest bedroom play dress up. 


They love the hats.



They love the jewelry... and since there is so much to look through there is no fighting. 



I think my Mom has her laptop in that room... wouldn't that be such a pretty room to do my blogging in?  Such a beautiful space, and they love to be in there. 


I have such wonderful memories of being at my Grandparents house.  I can't help but smile when I thing of their home and being in it.  I can close my eyes and taste the food, hear the sound of my Grandmothers voice, and feel my Grandfather squeeze my hand.  Oh how I miss them. 

I've got to get better at taking pictures on the weekends.  This was rare that I took out my camera.  We're either too busy on the weekend or my camera is just the last thing I want to touch.  But I always regret not having more weekend pictures.  At the end of  this week and over the weekend Scott is headed off for an educators conference.  I might us be over my head this weekend but I'll try for the next for sure!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

In A Slump

I know it's spring... I know I love my life, I know the weather is warm, I know that I have everything I need... but I'm in a slump.

Ever been there? Usually baking will pull me out of any slump.  Usually cooking a yummy dinner will do it too.  Usually getting down and scrubbing this house will work.  Usually good music, good book, good time with my girls, good laugh with my husband will fix anything.  But the past couple of days nothing will work. 

I've been surrounded by babies lately, pregnancy lately, and then on Tuesday the cutest Chinese baby I'd ever seen.  I went right up to the Dad and said in English (not sure if he knew what I was saying) "Your baby is take your breath away beautiful"  I starred at her and thought about adoption until my heart ached.  She was just walking and I fell in love with her face, her hair, and how she was learning to talk.  (baby talk in Chinese is the cutest thing ever)  I should have just looked away and enjoyed my 8 year old play the viola.  But I watched her toddle around and I went home and begged Scott to adopt again. 

Something in my heart tells me we're 'not done'.  But maybe I'd feel this ache for another if I had as many babies as I wanted.  "The last one still has to grow up, has to go to Kindergarten" Scott tells me.  Maybe he's right.  But some Moms know that they are 'done' and they feel good.  In fact there are many Moms who love the feeling of knowing they are 'done'.  I don't think I'll ever feel that.  (and of course there's nothing wrong with that... I do pray that if these two are God's plan for us then one day I would feel good about being 'done')

And then there's the fact that I never to "have a second" (I tell this to  Scott all the time).  It's true.  When we adopted Anna I was a new, young Mom.  She was my 'first.'  You know the mistakes you make, the worries you have.  Yes you enjoy it but the second is easier.  (at least less scary)  Well my second was a 'first' too.  A brand new, tiny, newborn baby.  Everything was a first with her.  As soon as I 'figured out' a stage with her it was over.  And I want to do it again. 

Oh to be handed a new one year old from China; I'd do anything for that again.  Oh, to be handed a brand new newborn; I'd do anything for that. 



Okay, I feel better.  Time to back, clean, cook, play with my girls, laugh with my husband and thank God for the life I have and the two daughters I get to mother. 

No more 'in the slump' posts, I promise!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This and That

Abigail had another rehearsal for her mini part in Peter Pan.  She loves the attention and loves being on stage with her Grandpa as the director. 

rehearsal 2

rehearsal 3


While Anna had a play date with her cousin.


They made Rapunzel hair out of ribbon and danced around the house!


A fun weekend for my girls!

It's been warm and sunny here in Connecticut. It's late May weather and of course we love it! (Except for Abigail's watery itchy eyes and nose)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Townwide Art Exhibit

Anna has always loved art. She finds it relaxing and fun, and she's quite good at it. Every Saturday since she was 3/12 she's been taking art lessons at a fabulous art school in Connecticut. Lovely teachers, high expectations, right up Anna's alley! Her art school lessons are not right around the corner at all but we've never minded because it is the perfect fit for her. And that's why we've been going for 5 years now.

This week a special letter came home from Anna's school telling us that one of her school (not art lessons but regular school) art pieces was selected for town wide art exhibit... and we were thrilled for her.

We headed out last Wednesday and loved every minute of viewing all of the art. Only a few pieces were selected from each school so we were so happy for her.

collage2 weavings

anna in front of

weaving solo pic

This weaving was oh so beautiful. I loved her choice of colors and the tightness that hers had. Bravo Anna!

We also caught up with her art teacher.

with art teacher

with daddy

with mommy

One very special night.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I Wish... But I Can't

I wish I could tell that new 30 year old mommy that when I was almost 40 I would do anything for a day at home with my new baby from China; playing on the floor with her, sweeping up cheerios, changing her diaper, putting little baby clips in her hair, pushing her in the stroller...


But I can't.

I wish I could be at that first Christmas with her as she sat in my lap during Christmas Eve Mass and tears poured down my face because I had a baby that Christmas.  I heard the songs start and I was so joyful to hold her. 

collage xmas

first xmas

But I can't. 

I wish I could hold Abigail as an infant just once more; all tiny, scrunched up and magical.  I wish I could rock her in the middle of the night. (oh, I did that last night at 3:30... but you get the idea) I wish I could go back to that little baby and breastfeeding her.



holding abi

abi sleeping

But I can't.

These girls are growing too fast for me.  I'm feeling like I'm stepping a bit into new territory.  It's almost Spring and that means that soon Abigail's preschool year will wind down and you all know what that means.  (kindergarten) And I get a knot deep down in the pit of my stomach. 

anna kindergarten

But this I know is true...

They are not grown up yet.  They are still little girls.  I am still their mommy.  They still need help, guidance, and daily care from me.  And I am happy and grateful to give it.  They are my career, my life's work, my passion. 

Someday when I'm almost 50 I'll say...
I wish I could go back and help Anna with her third grade homework and pick Abigail up at 11:30 from preschool. 


But today I can.

At almost 50 I'll say,  I wish I could see Abigail's beaming face when she shows me her craft at preschool and her her little girl voice when she tells me all about it. 


But today I can.

At almost 50 I'll say, I wish I could walk too slow, Abigail's speed, up the steps from her school and to the car while she talks a mile a minute telling me about her day.


But today I can.

At almost 50  I'll say, I wish I could pick Anna up at her school and have her scan the crowd quickly and all panicked until she locks eyes with me.

But today I will.

At almost 50 I'll say, I wish there was too much giggling, spilling of milk, Winnie the Pooh music playing at dinner. 

But today there will be.

At almost 50 I'll say, I wish I could quietly sit down on the playroom floor and help my girls navigate through an argument about plastic ponies.

But today I'm sure I will.

At almost 50 I'll say, I wish I could make dinner at 9am so I could drive Anna to viola, tennis, art school, help with homework, play with Abigail, find lost bears and weebies to cheer up and have enough energy to get through til bedtime.

But today I did.

At almost 50 I'll say, I wish I could do their braids and pony tails with clips ribbons and bows. 

(doing hair)

But today I did. 

At almost 50 I'll say, I wish I could help Abigail learn the words to a song to sing in her Grandpa's musical Peter Pan.

show 1

abi show

But today we did.

And on and on I could go.  Today I'm living the golden years.  Today my girls are little and need me.  Today my husband needs my support and hard work around the house so that he can change the world in his little elementary school.  

scott school
(I love the sparkle in Abigail's eyes as she looks at her sister)

Today when cousins get together their are shrills of joy.  Today is a gift from God and I will not take it lightly. 

THIS is the day the Lord has made.  I WILL rejoice and be glad in it.