Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Alaska ~ part six (Icy Strait Point)

whale watch 4

bear hunt 5

Icy Strait Point is located in the little town of Hoonah Alaska on Chichagof island.

Hoonah is a beautiful, small, port stop. It has fantastic ocean and mountain views. We left the ship and took a bus through the town to a remote part of Alaska where we hiked in the woods. It was so beautiful and peaceful. It was a small group and we were looking for bears. The excursion was a bear watch and a whale watch. We didn't see any bears but the views were so spectacular - just what I pictured in Alaska that we didn't mind one bit!

I mean just look at that!

bear hunt 1

and this in the other direction.

bear hunt 2

Our little group was silent hoping to see bears. I was just breathing in all that beauty.

bear hunt 3

and then we looked up - right in front of us!

bear hunt 4

It was actually the coolest thing to watch - right there - like living in a nature channel!

bear hunt 6

bear hunt 8

bear hunt 7

bear hunt 9

bear hunt 10

I chatted with Scott about him finding a principal position there and me finding a 4th grade classroom open - it was just that amazing!

bear hunt 11

Look at the clouds and you can see the bald eagles flying!

bear hunt 12

bear hunt 14

bear hunt 13

bear hunt 15

After our hike back we went on a smaller boat (not the cruise ship) for a whale hunt!

Look at that beauty!

whale watch 1

They were certain we'd see humpback whales

whale watch 3

whale watch 6

but the guides were shocked that we witnessed a F A M I L Y of killer whales (orca whales) They said that less than 1% of tours saw them and how lucky we were!

whale watch 2

First just a little glimpse and we were so happy.

whale watch 5

whale watch 7

But then they kept swimming around us and popping out of the water.

whale watch 8

whale watch 9

whale watch 10

whale watch 11

See that baby?

whale watch 12

There really is no way to describe the feeling of being that close to an orca whale in Alaska. And I am certainly not a nature photographer but my camera kept clicking away, trying to capture the magic until it was getting dark (this excursion lasted until 9:30 at night) and we headed back to our ship.

whale watch 13

This day was spectacular!

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