Sunday, August 11, 2019

Alaska ~ part four (Cruise Day!) (and our anniversary)

It's funny how when you think of a vacation to Alaska you think the highlights are going to be the breathtaking views and the up close wildlife -- and those things are true.

But the memories I hold dear are the moments with the people I love -- tiny moments that are ordinary in the midst of an extraordinary trip.

This morning was one of them.

cruise day 22

We woke up in our lovely hotel in Vancouver BC -- now that Anna is 16 Scott and I can slip out for a moment here or there if we need to. We told the girls that since we'd be boarding the ship (right outside our window we could see it) we were going to have a chill morning in the hotel. They were up for that for sure! So Scott and I were going to run to a few places to pick up breakfast for the girls and us.

It was our 23rd anniversary that day and we were walking on sunshine that morning through the pretty streets of Vancouver, holding hands, looking forward to getting on the ship later that afternoon. It was such a happy morning. And gosh darn! We don't have a picture of the place but Scott and I found a the sweetest Italian coffee shop with the BEST breakfast I've ever eaten. We decided to eat in there (since it was our anniversary) and bring back a few things for the girls to try)

On our walk back to the hotel we stopped to look at that ship that we'd be getting on in a few hours!  So exciting!

(and yes, I have on a north face coat - no more being cold on this trip)
cruise day 23

I love my life -- right now I am typing on our screened in porch. I can hear the cicadas and Abigail is laying on the outside couch reading. It is such a lovely morning -- but man, oh man, I wish I could go back to that Anniversary morning just one more time!

This was a sign that was in that coffee shop -- Scott turned it into a little card for me that day.

Lucky us...

cruise day 21

Well, the morning went by quickly. The girls had muffins and oatmeal snuggled in bed in that cozy hotel room and then we were off! (just a few steps away and on the ship)

Just on the ship -- champagne (I don't drink but it was festive to hold for a picture)

Happy Anniversary us!

cruise day 1

cruise day 2

Okay, now I always take pictures of our hotel rooms because the girls love to look back at them over and over. And this cabin was amazing! A family suite! Wanna see? I thought you might!

This was our bedroom -

cruise day 3

Yup, huge!

cruise day 4

cruise day 5

See that door? That was the door to our bedroom and then you are looking at the 'dining room'

cruise day 6

Another huge window with a dining table and 4 comfortable chairs!

cruise day 7

Balcony -

cruise day 8

And look at that S P A C E we had!!!

cruise day 9

cruise day 10

The girls had their own bedroom - small, cozy and sweet!

cruise day 11

cruise day 12

cruise day 13

I didn't take pictures of the other side of the room - but there was a desk and more space when you walked in. So much space!  Like a little apartment away from home!

cruise day 14

We were all thrilled with the family suite and then we were off to explore the ship!

cruise day 15

Pretty cool to have a floor of grass on a ship.

cruise day 16

Loved looking at those mountains we 'played' in for a few days before leaving.

cruise day 17

cruise day 18

Then it was time for sail away -

cruise day 19

That evening consisted of dinner in the dining room and more exploring. Such a fun fun day!


  1. Happy 23 Years of Marriage!
    The room you had was huge and to have your own deck, so beautiful to walk out to in the mornings and in the evenings.

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love the pictures of the two of you. We do t do a good job of taking pictures of just the two of us.
    Your cabin looks spacious and pretty. Love the pictur of Scott and Abigail.