Friday, November 19, 2021

Holy Cross Orchestra Fall Concert: Celebration and Remembrance

This was amazing and shockingly hard to believe we were in this place - already. 

But we are - and I love it. 

Anna plays in the College of the Holy Cross orchestra which is quite wonderful. 

It felt 'different' this time - this concert. There was something that I just can't find the words for. 

It was all grown up - no longer an elementary, or middle school, or even top high school orchestra. 

It was Anna in her place - all grown (college) up - playing with other and older college kids and adults. 

And she looked, and it sounded different. 

And wonderful. 

Here is a link to my instagram - if you click on my highlights (Holy Cross one) and click through, there is some moments of that night recorded. 


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