Friday, March 24, 2017

"Something New"


My feelings are so deep right now and I'm not sure I can remember her words.  I know I can't.

Except that they were beautiful.

Today was Abigail's last day with her 4th grade teacher.  We are thrilled that she is leaving to have a baby.  But today was so sad and wonderful all in one.

This teacher has been on this blog a lot.  Because she was Abigail's kindergarten teacher.  I did this first post about her waaaaay back here.  

And then that same year wrote about her again.

And on the last day of school in kindergarten was here.

I've spent a lot of time with this particular teacher over the two years Abigail had her.  (back here)

And was even there after she welcomed her first baby into the world.  (here)

I could write about her forever but with all of those (back here) links, I suppose I already have.

Today was really the last last time Abigail would call her 'teacher'.  And this teacher made it such an amazing last afternoon.

She assigned poems to all of the children.  They could memorize one, read one, write one.

Abigail chose to write one.


It was titled "My Teacher" and it was from deep in her heart and filled with love.

I think she took this teacher by surprise as she read it today.

And I tried, oh how I tried not to cry. But I did.

These two are bonded deep. And do you know why? It's because this teacher loves all children and makes all children feel number one to her.


She told us a story at Abigail's parent/teacher conference this month. She said that Abigail likes to sit right up close at read aloud time. And she stares at her teacher as if she's the only one. It's as if Abigail feels like it's just the two of them in the class. I love that.


Today, this teacher read her favorite poem and allowed herself to cry in front of her class. Because she will miss them. At the end of the day she told them that this is like how seasons are. She said, "I love fall. I love to get out my sweaters, and take out all of my favorite teas. But I love winter too. I love snow days and that blanket of fresh snow. I love the spring when I open up the windows for the first time and smell that smell, what's that smell boys and girls? That's spring. But I love summer too. Even the sticky hot days. All of the seasons are good. And in each season there are changes that I love to make. I change out my jacket. I change my shoes. I change my food and I even change the things that are in my car. This is like a new season for you boys and girls. Just a new season. Summer is coming early, in a way to you. And with a new season there is something new. That something new is going to be wonderful. Just to see."

(focused in on the poem)



Yes, these two are something special.



  1. Tara,
    That is the word that came to my mind.
    Abigail is blessed to know this amazing teacher.
    You are blessed to have her teach and love your girls.
    And she is blessed to have the love of her profession and the gift of teaching children.
    Not to mention a new baby.
    Beautiful as always, my far away friend.
    Miss you.

  2. Oh how special and sweet! What a gift she has been to so many children. They will carry her in their hearts forever :)