Thursday, February 21, 2019


We had a four day weekend. And I have hardly any pictures. Mostly because it's a really tricky time of year to be in teaching. There is so much mid-year data due, mid-year report (tons of questions) due before a meeting with the principal, looking at data, annnnnnd report cards are due at the end of the month. I can go fast, but each report card takes me about an hour. So yeah, there was a LOT of that this weekend. But there was a lot of time at home to and it fed my soul. And we went to Mystic Aquarium again because the girls love it there!

weekend 1

weekend 2

weekend 3

I know that these long 4 day weekends are "supposed to be bliss" but in the middle of the school year they are too full for this teacher. I'm okay with it though. God has been teaching me lately to live in each relaxing moment that I do get with my precious family, the times in His Word, the extra sleep, a bit of extra time in my workouts and not to focus and get all ugggg that I do have work. I'm blessed to be a teacher. And I don't take that work lightly. And neither do I take my role as a mama and wife lightly either. With all of this paperwork done by the end of this week my weekends will belong (soon) more to them, to me... and I can't wait!

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  1. We had a four day weekend as well and we sure needed it!