Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Rest of December - and lots of pictures of cakes!

rest 4

Let's just categorize this into 'the rest of December' because I'm starting to mix this all up and I'm really longing to blog closer to when things happen because:

When I'm realllly behind on my blogging I tend to not take any pictures of everyday moments. And I just don't like that. I've honestly gone weeks without picking up my big camera with all the lenses and I haven't even bothered to take a bunch with my phone! When I'm up on my blogging then I'm more motivated to capture life. So here's to being {mostly} caught up as I throw the rest of December right here on this post!

New Years ~ We celebrated the New Year sleeping {aren't we so exciting} Yes, I was almost asleep at midnight!  Although Scott was holding me as I was falling asleep and I could hear the faint booms of fireworks from our nearby city.  That was good enough for me.

But really, we did celebrate with a yummy dinner and a cake I ordered from what we call the "Abigail Bakery"  It's soy free, peanut free, tree nut free, dairy free, gluten free.  And it's so so good!  Look how pretty!

rest 1

Our house was undecorated the day before so an elaborate cake for our little family of 4 is necessary to brighten things up! I brought it in the family room and we cut into it as we played a bunch of board games in front of the fire.

rest 2

And then I turned 46.

Scott cooked one of my favorites.

rest 5

rest 8

And my parents came over for cake. Another allergy free beauty!

rest 6

From the time I was a teenager I knew I wanted "Happy Birthday Mommy" on my cakes - I'll never take it for grated... mommy on my cakes!

rest 7

And look at what a pretty job they did decorating it!

rest 9

I was spoiled with lovely presents from my parents

rest 10

and my lovely daughters too.

rest 11

rest 12

rest 13

rest 14

rest 15

rest 16

I think I might be almost caught up... now to dust off that camera and capture what is happening around me.

I can't believe that I did it! I blogged all of the wonder and magic of the Christmas season ... all the way from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve! Phew... I'm quite proud of myself!


  1. Well Happy Belated Birthday. Your Birthday dinner looks delicious and I love your simple New Years because it's basically what we did as well! It's always nice to know there are other homebodies out there ;) I'm so happy you are back to blogging.

  2. Happy Birthday my beautiful friend! I absolutely love your birthday and New Years cake! I love seeing the joy on the girls faces as you open your gifts from them.