Monday, February 11, 2019

Simple Things

So there are about a 1,000 things I found on my phone on my quest to get all caught up with memories. Too many for one day.  Here's the first batch! Ha!

Just us chillin - when was that? I have no idea! We've had a lot going on in our house lately - ugh! Had to rip apart the walls in the new mudroom so it's been crazy lately!


My guess is this was on the way to Mass in late August! I miss sundresses.


Scott hanging shelves in my classroom. I love when I can make a bulletin board 3 D and not flat. I'll have a to take a picture to show you how it looks NOW!


This was back in the last week of August - I think I made this clip for a friend, can't remember. Here's part one

and here's my room tour part 2 (I laugh now at how 'empty' the room looks - it's so filled up!)

and this was a Sunday night I stopped into school to do a few things.

I love that when we go to a restaurant they bring a book with them for the wait.



This one... Abigail in her pjs... singing along with a show tune!

I want to forever remember Saturday mornings, in pjs, medicine in her hand, singing. Just stay little!

I can tell she had a cold - but still sweet

In September (Scott's new school) helping him decorate his new office. I used all of the beautiful art work he was given from the elementary school he left.


This is the face of Abigail just moments after her audition for Beaux Strings (auditioned orchestra at her school)


Me... on Halloween



A Sunday night at my school - with a science observation the next day - Scott was helping me calibrate my pan balances.


Caught this beauty just before Christmas

And this one too... this one is old ... not even on her new viola... now when she plays it feels like it opens the roof.

These little phone pictures and little captures make up my life. Little things. Simple things. And they make me happy. One thing I know for sure is that I'm living in the good old days...

more to come soon!

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  1. Oh my goodness how cute was your Halloween costume.....I love it!!
    I love seeing everyday pictures of your family. Miss all of you my friend!