Thursday, March 26, 2020

It sort of feels like this should be a Friday - but it's Thursday.

Never has there been a longer week.

We are trying so hard to be successful at our new normal.

I love teaching - and teaching from home is still teaching. But it's too much time in front of a screen. In order to teach and reach my fourth graders twice a week I set up 44 different google meets - they are like face time.

We talk, I type notes on a second computer for things they need - things going well for them - things I need to do for them.

It's a whole different way to teach - one certainly that wasn't touched upon in college.

And my girls are in front of screens too much too.

So this afternoon I had exactly 23 minutes before a staff meeting on line and then more google meets with kids so we got outside.


It's amazing what fresh air and sunshine can do.


One more day and then we exhale - one week of distance learning and distance teaching almost done.

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