Friday, October 21, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday ~ My Mom

by fence watermark

It's hard to come up with words for this post.  Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month I knew that I wanted one of my 'favorite photo friday' posts to be of my Mom.  She battled Breast Cancer 9 years ago and won!  I never doubted that she would.  It truly never, ever entered my mind that my Mom would not survive cancer. 

I remember her tests leading up to her diagnosis and feeling worried for her.  And I remember the devastating call when my Dad told me that yes she had cancer.  I was sad for her and what she'd have to go through.  But it didn't surprise me how strong she was, how optimistic she continued to be, and how she just kept on being my Mom.  She never missed a beat.

She didn't walk around with pink clothes, or special breast cancer jewelry.  I don't think she joined a support group.  She just did what she did best.  Day in and day out she continued to be a wife and our mother.  I'm sure she had her moments of pain and heartache.  I can remember the day of her surgery; it was the only time I saw her sad.  But pain and heartache she does not have time for.  She has a family that needs her.  She has a never ending to do list  and she simply didn't let self pity take hold of her.  I can even remember her in the crowd at a marathon my Dad and I ran the month of her surgery.  She stood in the pouring rain to cheer us on.  Damp and freezing cold that day was.  She was there. 

So, this October, this pink awareness month I begged my Mom to let me take some portraits of her.  She hates the camera more than anyone I know but she agreed just this once.  So today I celebrate life and celebrate women everywhere who face breast cancer.  Today I celebrate my Mom.  I love you Mom.

the long road


  1. WOW Tara...what an unbelievable post. And what an unbelievable woman. She is so beautiful and I can see you in her eyes. That is an amazing photo.
    have a happy day

  2. That's a really great picture of your mom!

  3. Beautiful! This gave me chills! What an amazing women, I'm so happy to hear she won that fight!

    Many blessings

  4. Hi Tara,

    I just saw your question on my blog about Chalene Extreme. I did finish it! I loved it! Now I'm doing her Turbo Jam workouts and I'm liking those too! Really works up a great sweat! :-) I'm hoping to post more about it on my blog soon.