Monday, October 11, 2021

Long October Weekending and the Pumpkin Patch


(Anna is home for one whole week! Having Anna home is like the best present in the world. My heart feels whole)


(We had that tea pot going from the moment Anna came home through this whole weekend - with fall baking treats)

Soaking (up my girl)

and talking and talking and talking... 

Saturday Deserting

(pumpkin white hot chocolate)

("can you make your pancakes daddy, there's nothing like your Sunday pancakes) 


(after shopping for a few things Anna needed for the fall/winter we had our lunches from home and had a little picnic by the water here) 

(our favorite family tradition in the world)

The same farmer forever - he runs the farm, his wife runs the little bakery in town. Sweetest ever! 

He takes us on a windy road, curvy, down, and deep into the woods... it's sooooo October when we are on that tractor! 

... and he leads us right to his pumpkin patch. Be still my heart! 

... where we take pictures, pick pumpkins, and he lets us have as much time as we want. 

We load up the wagon and head back up. 

But not before one last (blurry, but I don't care) photo of this place that makes me smile. 

And we headed to the farmer's wife home baked goods store in town. 

Feasting and Relaxing

That night we made a yummy fall feast board together and watched a favorite. 

Best night ever! 


On our day off I made apple cider donuts - Anna made the pumpkin lattes. 


  1. How fun! Coming home from fall break was always my favorite thing - getting a nice boost of family time and having SO much to tell my parents and my little sister about school. I wanted to tell you that while I was with my parents in the UK I found London at christmas time - Emma Bridgewater mugs (as she's from there) and thought of you and your collection! Happy to say I've added some to my travel mugs and I love how cute and cozy they are <3

  2. This post made me smile big! Sooo much happiness. Love the picture of you and Anna. Your fall feast board turned out great. The place by the river where you had your picnic reminds me of the area wheee the dads and kids went tubing on our visit.