Friday, October 4, 2019

Our Home Fall Tour

kitchen 7

I love the fall. There is so much goodness. The darker days, the sunny days, and for sure the cooler days have my heart. I love how it feels to wear a sweater and jeans. I love all of that yummy pumpkin food. I love cozy weekends and the fireplace lit for the first time. And let's be honest, I probally love it most of all because something wonderful is just around the corner... shhh... Christmas is coming!

kitchen 9

My fall home starts to go up at the end of August and is promptly taken down as Abigail is done trick or treating on Halloween night. November 1st through Thanksgiving my house little by little turns into Christmas magic {all while running a family, being mama, and teaching 4th grade} The only part that is not up on Thanksgiving is our living room tree because it's real... well I sure am getting ahead of myself.

Some things new this fall. I had so much fun decorating my baking center. It was 'her' first fall. But really because she's an antique I'm sure she's seen many many many falls. I wish she could talk and tell me that so many have stood there and rolled out pie crusts for apple pie, and pumpkin pie.

kitchen 16

I took the video BEFORE I changed it over to fall - oh well - that's okay. So I went back and took a few pictures.

kitchen 12

kitchen 13

And it was the first fall in our screened in porch. And we loved it! I think she likes fall best too...

porch 2

porch 4

porch 5

So here is our home this fall.  All the yummy. All the pumpkins. All of the goodness that we love so much!

Of all the things I get to do I realize how blessed I am to get to make this old house a home. And there is no place I would rather be in the fall...

living room 1


  1. How much did I enjoy that???
    Tara, thank you for sharing your beautiful, cozy, charming autumn home!
    It is you. And your family.
    And it is perfect.

  2. Oh I so loved your video. I really want to come and sit in your new porch.

  3. You home is so beautiful and cozy. Thank you for sharing. <3