Wednesday, October 29, 2014

First Communion Flowers

I love the way she holds them like a baby... oh someday she's going to be a great baby mommy!

(just so I can remember... this is the song Abigail and I sang in the car on the way to school today... my Grandpa liked this song.  I miss him, sigh...)

(oh... and one more thing... we've had some health concerns with Abigail lately... so if you're so inclined.. will you add her to your prayers... nothing to really to worry about, except this mama's heart and daddy's too... I'll share more later when I can) 


Let the fall yard work begin...


We replant tulips and daffodils each fall. We call tulips "first communion flowers" in our house since they come up the same week as First Communion in our parish. This spring it will be Abigail's turn to receive and bloom just like these tulips in May. We are super excited about that!


In the ground they go for the winter snow to cover them up like a blanket.

3 collage


I love Autumn and I'll love cozy nights by the fire and soups with grilled cheese sandwiches this winter... but oh looking out this window in May... lots and lots of first communion flowers.


That will be a real treat!


  1. Prayers and love. And hugs.
    And do you know what I know about planting flowers?!
    Nothing! : )

  2. I love planting bulbs in the is always very exciting to see them grown into beautiful flowers in the spring.


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